Interactive Map on Migration (i-Map)

Extension of the i-Map to the region of the Rabat Process

This activity is part of the general objective of the Support Project to support knowledge-building and knowledge-sharing among partner countries. The aims are to support public policy making and planning at national level through the use of migration data, to allow a better understanding of the migration situation in partner countries and to support coordination efforts.

Interactive Map on Migration (i-Map)

The Interactive Map on Migration (i-Map) is a unique platform aiming at facilitating intergovernmental information exchange and evidence-based policy making. It provides a visual tool by enhancing migration data with maps and visualizations. Currently, the i-Map platform features information on countries taking part in the Dialogue on Mediterranean Transit Migration (MTM), the Prague Process (PP) and the Budapest Process (BP). Since its launch in 2006, the i-Map has proven itself as a useful tool for information sharing in the framework of migration dialogues and will therefore be extended to the entire Rabat Process region. 

A visual tool for Rabat Process countries

The Support Project of the Rabat Process is developing visual tools that aim at facilitating the comprehension of complex migration-related matters. The Rabat Process i-Map will include visualisations supporting the application of migration profiles and infographics on migration issues. These tools will complement the information that is already available for some Rabat Process countries in the framework of the MTM dialogue i-Map.

i-Map News Centre

A special feature of the i-Map is its News Centre which offers a unique service to all those interested in migration-related news. The News Centre centralizes migration-related articles from trusted media sources and ensures that its users are informed about migration-related developments. Users can browse through a comprehensive database of articles according to their geographic and thematic interests and sign up for weekly or daily alerts.

Current geographic coverage of the News Centre:

  • Europe
  • West and East Africa (Central Africa to be added mid-2013)
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
  • Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Georgia, China, South and West Asia
  • Australia