National Guides on the Use of Migration Data as Policy Development Tools

The activity of elaborating tailored guides on the use of migration data in selected Rabat Process countries contributes to Objective 10 of the Dakar Strategy, namely “To base policy consistency and coordination on acquiring and sharing information.”

Through this innovative activity, the Support Project aims to

• support public policy making and planning at national level through the use of migration data;
• advance understanding of the migration situation in partner countries;
• support coordination efforts in the field of migration.

Flexible and country-specific tools, the national guides are tailored in accordance to each participating country’s migration landscape. Through a structural, participatory and inclusive approach, the process of developing each guide promotes the national ownership and sustainability of the tool. This process engages a national working group and a national expert in a tripartite collaboration with the Support Project, encouraging cooperation among stakeholders. Importantly, the guide integrates collaboration and updating mechanisms. It also accounts for regional compatibility by using a standardised template, and its user-friendly structure simplifies future updating.

In terms of content, the national guides are comprehensive, listing all available sources of migration data and its users. They identify data gaps in an effort to provide constructive feedback to stakeholders. Moreover, they highlight best practices in, tools and recommendations for using migration data to support policy making.

Once they are officially endorsed at national level, the guides will be disseminated in the respective beneficiary countries and be made available on the Interactive Map on Migration (i-Map) as well as on the Rabat Process website.