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Roadmap monitoring

In the framework of the third phase of the Rabat Process (the Dakar Strategy), the support project ensures a follow-up to the Dakar Strategy Roadmap endorsed at the Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) held in Madrid in June 2012.

During the SOM, the following Dakar Strategy priority Actions were identified and included in the Strategy´s Roadmap:

  • Support movement of persons in West and Central Africa
  • Support provision of opportunities for work and study in the countries of destination
  • Reinforcement of integration and non-discrimination policies
  • Guarantee refugees respect for their rights, as defined by international conventions, and strengthen local capacity for the determination of refugee status
  • Development of integrated border management policies
  • Reinforcement of national and regional policies to combat smuggling of migrants and trafficking in human beings
  • Continuation of the efforts undertaken in order to establish efficient readmission systems between all partner states in the full compliance with fundamental rights and dignity of migrants
  • Development of return programmes, including voluntary and assisted return, which respect fundamental rights
  • Safeguarding of data management and registers related to civil status
  • Intensification of South-South cooperation in the field of migration and development
  • Encouragement of an inclusive approach to migration in development policies, with a view to implementing appropriate strategies and programmes, including at local level
  • Mobilisation of remittances for productive investment while recognising their private nature
  • Mobilisation of skills and expertise from the diaspora

The “Roadmap monitoring activity” aims at identifying and monitoring initiatives within the Dakar Strategy Roadmap priorities implemented by the Rabat Process countries, enabling to identify the countries´ common interests to foster future cooperation and collaboration on planned activities.

This monitoring will indeed allow for the exchange of good practices and knowhow in order to favor  a common approach to better tackle migration issues.

In a larger scale, the Support Project is continuously collecting information on ongoing initiatives in Africa and Europe and is posting non-restricted information on the Rabat Process website and i-Map.