Key Documents

The various ministerial conferences and meetings of high level officials which have marked the Rabat Process since it was launched, have resulted in the adoption of a series of strategic documents establishing the issues, principles and goals of this dialogue.

These meetings have also been occasions for the definition of priorities and the formulation of recommendations intended to meet the challenges associated with migration and to foster trade and development opportunities they stimulate.

Rabat Declaration - 2006 -

This Declaration stands as the first official document signed by the various participating countries in the Rabat Process and in particular defines implementation of a joint agenda on questions concerning migration and development.

Rabat Conference Action Plan - 2006 -

This Action Plan sets out the recommendations and operational method to be followed for the implementation of the commitments made via the Rabat Declaration.

The Paris Conference Three-Year Cooperation Programme - 2008

This document lays down a clear outline for the actions to be undertaken via a three-year cooperation programme for the 2009-2011 period whereby migration issues can be tackled in a concerted and balanced fashion.

The Dakar Strategy - 2011

This strategy establishes a series of goals for the 2013-2015 period such that knowledge acquired from previous programmes can be consolidated and the implementation of clearly-defined operational initiatives may be facilitated.

The Dakar Strategy Road Map, Madrid – 2012

This Road Map lays down a series of priority goals within the Dakar Strategy, via which actions undertaken can be monitored and upcoming activities planned.